#020 We went to ideathon!

This HIP HOPE’s diary was written by Gomez and Tsurune.

We joined the ideathon in July for 2 days from 30th to 31st.This training camp decided on the theme “If Hiroshima city like this, I want to live in it 30 years later” and did the task discovery and extract, list creation before. Afterword, we created about public policy from each team 3 final tasks to storyboard.

We also did campfire and amusement. It could communicate with a lot of people more than at school because I enjoyed it too much.

I joined for the first time. But, it’s a valuable expense for me because I could communicate with high school students on the same pages.

HIP HOPE will put on participating this time Think peace’s peace activities to the homepage and social media.

We will try to think about peace for a lot of people from now on. Nice to meet you.