#021 I interacted with the students in Georgia.

Hello.Koharu is writing this diary.
On Sunday, October 16, I interacted with Georgian students through zoom.

It was “Think Peace“ who planned and managed it. “Think Peace“ is an organization by high school students in Hiroshima.  Their purpose is to think about peace programs for students around the world.

This time, they planned an activity called “Peace Thinker”. It seems that he thought that there would be one more person who is interested in peace.

The main activity is making many quizzes on peace. I made two quizzes, divided into Japanese students and Georgian students. After that, we shared the quiz we created with each other and answered them.

The quiz created by students in Georgia was about the wars and the effects of them on the other team that happened in their country.  There are many things I don’t know, and I thought I should know more about the history of countries around the world.

All of this exchange was a dialogue in English. Sometimes I’m not good at English myself. There were few words I could hear. I realized the need for English skills while conducting international exchange again.

This program is easy for everyone to work on and has a growing interest in peace.

I want to spread Peace Thinker’s efforts to the world.

Everyone at “Think Peace“ who planned and operated this time, and everyone in Georgia who participated. It was a good experience. Thank you very much.