#016 HIP HOPE Conference

Hello! My name is Mizu and I’m in charge of this HIP HOPE Diary.

On July 28th, the HIP HOPE International Conference was held!

This conference was streamed via ZOOM and YouTube, and people from all over the world participated. Akari was the general moderator, and in the morning session, Aika explained about HIP HOPE using slides and videos made by the members. In the afternoon session, there were presentations by three presenters selected from the domestic forum.

We had different roles to play, such as communication equipment for the venue, moderator, timekeeper, supporter of the presenters, and recorder of the proceedings. This time, all the presentations were in English, so the members who moderated and gave explanations practiced a lot every day.

The three presenters also gave their presentations entirely in English. With the support of PHC, they were able to answer the unexpectedly large amount of questions in English. Some of the audience members said to the presenters with dreams, “I want to support your activities.

It was truly a wonderful international conference where we could connect with the world and share our thoughts.

This is how the HIP HOPE Conference came to a close.

This was the last time that all the members of the HIP HOPE Conference met together as the third year students were studying for their exams. While I was enjoying working as a manager, I felt a sense of loneliness looming over me.

After the meeting, we all sat together in a big circle and each of us gave a short speech reflecting on our activities so far. At the end, the third-year students were given a surprise bouquet of flowers and a note from the first and second-year students.


The activities that started with excitement last fall sometimes caused many problems for each of us. However, after a year of busy work, we always had smiles on our faces. I am very happy to have met such wonderful people.

My busy days are over, but I will continue to work on the website and the reporting event. I’ll do my best to give a good report to our seniors!

<Confarence: After all the activities so far

Akari (Moderator)

“The quality of the conference was so high that it was hard to believe that it was created only by high school students, and I felt that we had done an amazing job. I would like to continue to work with pride as a platform to connect Hiroshima and the world.”

Koto (Question classification)

“I heard that there were some delivery problems that didn’t happen in the rehearsal, but I think it turned out to be the best conference ever. I heard that there were some delivery problems that didn’t happen during the rehearsal, but I think it turned out to be a great conference. However, it was very rewarding and I would love to be in charge of organizing the next international conference.

Yumi (overall coordinator)

“It was a tough conference to run in English, but everyone did their part and it turned out to be a very good one. Good Job!

<After all the activities so far


“I’m glad that we were able to work together online to make this happen.


“It was good to be able to get involved with so many people, even though I was always getting help.”


“At first, I thought it would be impossible to make a website, but now that we have worked together to create something, we can all feel a sense of accomplishment.


“I would like to work hard again so that I can give a good report to my seniors at the debriefing session in March. And doing all of this online was something I could not have done as an adult. We had to push the limits and use a lot of Meet, Zoom, and Chat to get it done. It was a very valuable learning experience for everyone involved.”

<What Yumi would like to say to everyone

“Third year students, you are going to climb the mountain again for your exams. Let’s create a place for everyone to come back to, a place to relax, and a place to collaborate and spread our message to the world.

If you have any new suggestions or tasks you want to do, I would like to discuss them with the committee.

Thank you, everyone. I love you all. I love you all and look forward to working with you in the future.

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