#017 Meeting with Thousand Crane Club

Hello! I’m Mayu and in charge of this diary.

On September 15th, We had a chance to meet with high school students of my generation who also live in Hiroshima!

We talked online with three high school students from Hiroshima International School who are members of Thousand Crane Club.

After introducing themselves to each other, they gave us advice on HIP HOPE’s activities.

This meeting was the end of the HIP HOPE Conference, and they told us what we need to do and how to use social networking sites to continue to manage the HIP HOPE website.

We was very nervous because we had never met these people before, but it was very inspiring to exchange ideas with people of my generation who have equally strong feelings about peace.

HIP HOPE has been using Instagram and Facebook. We got a lot of advice from the Thousand Crane Club’s SNS.

I’m going to make the website even better by communicating not only with high school students overseas but also with Japanese high school students who are involved in similar activities! We will continue our activities so that people can enjoy them a lot!