#019 Participate in the Idea-thon !

I’m Koharu in charge of this HIP HOPE diary!

On July 30-31, 2022, the members of HIP HOPE will participate in an idea-thon.
It will be held at Yucalis Yuki in Hiroshima City.

We are looking forward to meeting members who engage in peace activities beyond school
frames and actively exchanging information about peacebuilding through various activities.

I heard that Think Peace, an organization that engages in peace activities, will also
participate in the event, so we would like to interview them to learn more about their activities
and make the most of them for future HIP HOPE activities.

There will be campfires at night, and I hear there’s a rec program planned, so we’re going to
have fun as much as we can!

This Ideathon will be the biggest activity for me since I joined HIP HOPE, so I am anxious
about a lot of things. However, it is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience. So I will
do my best!