#023 Hiroshima Unleased Final presentation was held!!

Hello! Koharu is writing this diary. 

On January 21, the final presentation for Hiroshima Unleashed : Students’ exploration activities beyond the boundaries of the schools was held successfully.   16 Hiroshima public high schools joined and collaborated over a year and half.  HIP HOPE covered the activity report and our member, Koto, was the main MC for the event..

Themes they presented were;  “Tourism,” “Agriculture and Depopulation,” “New industry,” and “Peace”, high school students.  They reviewed “Past” and “Present”, and deeply examined to understand what are the issues to be solved, then presented “Future,Hiroshima in 30 years, Hiroshima we want to stay and live .”  At the venue, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, Hidehiko Yuzaki,  Rie Hirakawa, superintendent of the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education, and guardians were invited.

The presentation used slides and some had mixed a play.  Each presentation was 20 min. long, but it was  easy to understand and very exciting for all audiences. It is a difficult task, but I was impressed by the way high school students, just like me, proactively confronted various social issues.

Governor Yuzaki and the superintendent of education Hirakawa gave very nice comments and it is important to have the ability to see things from multiple angles and bird’s eye view.  I would like to cherish them from now on.

Hiroshima Unleashed Final presentations can be seen at Peace Action in this HIP HOPE site.  Please check it out!