HIP HOPE Executive Committee

HIP HOPE Executive Committee plans, prepares, and organizes domestic forums, international conference, and HIP HOPE website, where students from participating WWL schools who are interested in planning, management, team management, and peace can acquire planning, execution, and empathy skills through these activities. HIP HOPE Executive Committee will also participate in the event.

HIP HOPE Executive Committee has two layers:

  1. Exchange members who exchange opinions with students from other schools.
  2. School members who promote discussions within their own schools.

The main tasks of the Exchange members are to prepare for the operation of the domestic forum and the international conference for high school students, to create and operate the website [HIP HOPE], and to act as an intermediary with the companies and organizations that sponsor us.

In addition, Exchange members belong to one of the five teams: Project Manager team, Policy making team, Contents production team, Design team, and Tech team. And, Marketing team was formed on the launch of HIP HOPE Website.

Project manager team

This team is responsible for managing the project and directing the activities of the entire HIP HOPE Executive Committee.

Policy making team

They create HIP HOPE activity philosophy, privacy policy, policy for intellectual properties, regulations for donations, terms of use, and sponsorship agreement.

Contents production team

They manage the contents of HIP HOPE and create site maps and documents for each page.

Design team

They produce graphics of HIP HOPE and design the documents and contents created by other teams.

Marketing team

This team works to think, plan, and implement effective PR strategy so HIP HOPE activities become visible to high school students all over the world. We utilize SNS such as creating official Facebook HIP HOPE, Instagram and Twitter which are all commonly used by youths.

Tech team

They work on the system of this website, encode, implement all contents into Website while learning the technical expertise to build the system.