Statement against the invasion of Ukraine

The ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government has resulted in the loss of many Ukraine civilian lives and put their safe lives at risk. Also, we cannot remain indifferent to the many soldiers who have been drafted and have lost their lives.   The military invasion of Ukraine threatens the peace of the international community and the safety of Ukrainian citizens, and is not an acceptable course of action. We strongly condemn this act of invasion of Ukraine. We hope that peace will return to Ukraine as soon as possible, and we will work on this site to inform people of the current situation of this invasion and to be one of the means to send a message of protest against the Russian government.   Regarding the recent invasion of Ukraine, severe sanctions against Russia have been imposed by many countriesincluding Japanand Western countries. However, the nation and its people should be considered separately. Unjustified discrimination and slander against the Russian people are no different from this invasion, which violates the security of the Ukrainian people.   We express our opposition to the unfair discrimination and slander on the basis of nationality in connection with this invasion of Ukraine.   Wishing Peace from HIROSHIMA, the World’s First A-bombed City  

HIP HOPE Executive Committee  

May 2022(Japanese ver.) Sep 2022(English ver.)