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Hiroshima (Japan)
Best Birds of Peace of the Month!

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What is Bird of Peace?

Birds can fly freely.
Now, the world confronts many difficult situations.
Many of us are feeling stiff.

Dove comes up to our minds when we are asked what a symbol of peace is.
Bird of Peace is a dynamic, or participatory content which asks you to send us your Bird of Peace, or Dove.

Please post your Bird of Peace you draw illustration.
In this “Bird of Peace”, let’s share your “Hope for Peace”

How to Apply

Step 1: Draw an illustration of a Bird of Peace to submit. All illustrations must be 100% original work.
Type of illustration may be in any form: hand drawing, digital illustration, watercolor, pencil color, crayon, etc.

Step 2: Make a digital file of your illustration. File format should be JPEG or PNG. And the file-size should be less than 1 MB.

Step 3: Submit the digital file of your illustration from Submission page: Bird of Peace page.
Click here to go to Submission page: Bird of Peace.
Your illustration might be chosen as Best Bird of Peace of the Month !

If your illustration is selected as the Best Bird of Peace of the Month, HIP HOPE will contact you to ask for award comment via Email.

About "Best Bird of Peace of the Month"

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