⚫︎What is HIP HOPE?

HIP HOPE is an acronym for Hiroshima International Peace for Hope, and is a project by high school students that consists of the planning and management of an international conference for high school students to be held on July 28, 2021, as part of WWL activities, and the creation and management of the website “hiphope.jp” to be released prior to the conference. The purpose of this project is to gather people’s thoughts on peace from all over the world and realize international peace by collecting thoughts on peace from “the world” to “Hiroshima”, which were previously sent from “Hiroshima” to “the world”.

⚫︎How can I participate in the event?

Please refer to the “How to participate” section of the “For the general public” section of the website.

⚫︎What is the HIP HOPE Conference?

It is an acronym for HIROSHIMA International Peace For HOPE Conference. HIP HOPE Conference is a forum for high school students who are engaged in research activities to build a peaceful society to present the results of their research activities. High school students with diverse ideas will gather to discuss the problems facing the world today. The event will be held on July 28, 2021. Anyone can watch it, so please do.

⚫︎Is it possible to be a member of WWL and do research?

We are currently working with students from schools in Hiroshima Prefecture that are participating in the WWL project. If you are a student at one of the participating WWL schools in Hiroshima Prefecture (Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School, Hiroshima High School, Saijo Nogyo High School, Fukuyama Seishikan High School, Kure Mitsuta High School, Fukuyama High School attached to Hiroshima University), please apply when we recruit new members for the new school year.
High school students from schools other than those participating in the WWL project are also welcome to participate in HIP HOPE by contributing to the projects on the website. High school students who do not participate in the WWL project can also participate in HIP HOPE by submitting projects on the website.

⚫︎Please tell us about the protection of personal information.

HIP HOPE strives to collect personal information in an appropriate manner, and pays close attention to its handling. For more details, please refer to “General Information” → “Policy” in the website

⚫︎What is the purpose of your activities?

It has been 75 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. With the aging of the atomic bomb survivors, the number of people who have passed down the memory of Hiroshima is decreasing, and the memory of Hiroshima is fading away. In the midst of all this, the spread of the new coronavirus has caused many peace studies and school trips to Hiroshima to be cancelled. Now that opportunities to experience the atomic bombing are decreasing, we can explore and communicate about peace from the perspective of high school students living in Hiroshima today.
We thought that exploring and communicating about peace from the perspective of high school students living in Hiroshima today would lead to the realization of a peaceful world. The idea of “From HIP HOPE, To HIROSHIMA” is important to us, as we not only send out our opinions about peace from high school students in HIROSHIMA to the world, but also gather opinions about peace from the world to HIROSHIMA.
By sharing and collaborating with high school students in Japan and around the world on peace, we hope to confront the current situation and find solutions together.

⚫︎What is the best way to support HIP HOPE?

Organizations and companies can support HIP HOPE by submitting or sending the application form on the “Sponsorship” page after checking the “Sponsorship Rules” in the “For the public” → “Policy” section of the website, and making a payment to the bank account indicated after our approval.
For more details, please refer to the “Sponsorship” page on the website.

You can support us by making a donation, which will be made to the bank account listed on the “Donation” page of the website after you have read the “Terms of Donation” under “To the public” → “Policies” on the website.
In addition, anyone can support the project by participating in or contributing to the project on the website.