How to join?

Let’s post “your thoughts about peace”
Click on the “Post” button and type in your thoughts about peace on the back of Origami. Please write no more than 40 letters in Japanese, and no more than 20 words in English. When you post, the paper will fly away as an origami crane. The paper cranes that fly away will perch on a tree and send our message to the world.

Let’s share our thoughts on peace.
Click on the paper cranes to see other people’s thoughts on peace. If you like or agree with something, click on the “Like” button to share your thoughts.

What is FLY ?

FLY 〜Future Letters for Youths〜

What is peace for you? What will you do for a the peaceful future? We established a new project! The official name of this project is Future Letters for Youths. Please call it FLY!

This project aims to connect with people all over the world, share our wish for peace and strengthen it by thinking about peace. War and conflict rob us of our ordinary days. They rob innocent people of their lives. They rob us of our pure mind. In fact, there are still a lot of people who live in such a severe world. Those who live from hand to mouth are suffering behind us. Your message will be the key to stop the hard days. Thinking about peace and taking actions is the first step to save “Peace”.

Whether you have thought about peace or not, why don’t you send your thoughts to people all over the world!

About “Orizuru”, a paper crane

Do you know what a paper crane is and why it is regarded as a symbol of peace? There is a hidden story about the life of a girl called Sasaki Sadako who kept chasing her dream.

In1945, on August 6th, when she was two years old, she experienced the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.Luckily, she had no injury in appearance. However, while she was running away from fire, she was caught in a “Black Rain” which contained a lot of radiation, and it was very harmful to health. Nevertheless, Sadako grew up healthy, and she entered an elementary school. She ran very fast, so her classmates envied her. At that time, she had a dream “to be a PE teacher at junior high school”.

But, the effects of the radiation emerged into Sadako’s body at the end of her grade, just before the field day of her school. At first, it seemed to be a mild cold, so she was not so worried. When winter came, high fever continued, her cheeks were swollen, and no doctors could cure her disease. In fact, she was affected by leukemia, because of the radiation by the atomic bomb. When it was discovered, her remaining days was only a year at the most. She came across paper cranes in hospital which were sent from Nagoya as a present. “If you fold one thousand cranes,your wish will come true.” This is a tradition about paper cranes. Of course, her wish was “Alive”. She wanted to recover from her disease, get back home, and enjoy her junior high school life. Believing in recovery, she carefully folded small little cranes with medicine wrapping paper or wrapping paper.

However, even after she folded clafted thousand cranes, she didn’t recover from her illness. Finally, her wish didn’t come true, she passed away when she was only thirteen years old. After she passed away, her friends made a statue for her, which was called “Genbaku-no-ko-no-zo ” the statue of exposure child. Since then, paper cranes and her name became known people all over the world.

A Symbol of Peace – One Thousand Cranes
It is a symbol of the wish of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who never gave up on living until the very end, and the determination of the people that no one else should suffer in the same way.