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FLY Post page

Let’s post “your thoughts about peace”

Click fill in the “FLY Post Form” below to share your thoughts about peace on the back of Origami. Please write no more than 100 letters in English. When you post, the paper will fly away as an origami crane.
The paper cranes that fly away will perch on a tree and send our message to the world.

About posting to HIP HOPE Website

We think HIP HOPE is very important project, like our baby. We, high school students in Hiroshima, have spent a lot of time preparing for this peace action from the beginning. We would like to continue HIP HOPE for a long time, so our Policy Team members has made the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy after repeated discussions.

Before you post, please read and agree to HIP HOPE Term of Use and HIP HOPE Privacy Policy. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that it may take some time for your submissions to be reflected in the system.

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