#001 The First meeting

Hello! This is Mizu, the first installment of the HIP HOPE Diary (^^)

One day in September, after the rain, we had our first meeting. High school students from six schools in Hiroshima Prefecture, who were selected to be part of the HIP HOPE Executive Committee, gathered together to motivate each other for future activities. Although the event was held in a corona disaster, we were able to make it a fun place to meet by taking measures against infection.
Before the event started, we decided on our own nicknames that we would use for the next year’s activities and made name tags. Some people choose their own names as their nicknames, while others chose unique names based on their favorite artists. This time, we had an orientation on the activities of the WWL and the HIP HOPE Executive Committee, as well as an introduction of others by the gathered members. In the introduction of others, the members were randomly paired up and interviewed each other about what they liked and what they were good at, and then introduced their pair in front of everyone. There were three people who were good at calligraphy, two people who could memorize pi, etc. Everyone had their own individuality, and the room was filled with laughter. Most of the members had never met each other before, but through the introduction of others, a friendly atmosphere prevailed and they were able to get acquainted with the people they would be working with. Everyone is very excited about the upcoming activities.

・Comments from members who participated

I thought that it would be great if I could get along with everyone. As a high school student living in Hiroshima, I would like to convey my thoughts on peace to people all over Japan and overseas. /Miwa

I was nervous about meeting new people, but everyone seemed to be interesting, and it was a day that made me look forward to future activities. /Marukawa

I think that solid personalities and quirks makes which every member has will make an absolutely unique outcomes, and I want to enjoy making it with everyone. /Miqn (mian)

In the beginning, I was full of anxiety, but as I interacted with everyone, I thought it was a good idea to participate. I would like to continue to interact with everyone and make this project a success. /Ami