#003 Online Development Meeting with Georgia!

Hello everyone! Today’s writer is Kanon on the Project Manager team!

Around noon on Valentine’s Day, we had an exciting exchange party with HIP HOPE members and four people from Georgia. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we asked every participant to wear something Red. It was fun and a perfect way to spend a day under Covid-19.

First of all, introduce ourselves. We taught our name and the meaning. I have never introduced the origin of the name in my self-introduction before, so it made me feel very fresh. I think I am not so good at speaking in English, but everyone tried to understand me kindly and they made me feel that it was very easy to speak.

Next is the question time. One of the most memorable stories was talking about school uniforms. I think many Japanese recognize that it is natural to wear uniforms when going to school. Because I didn’t have to choose which clothes to wear every morning, and personally, I like school uniforms. In fact, I have the impression that many HIP HOPE members also said that it would be better to wear uniforms. However, when I tell this to students in Georgia, one boy said, “I like to wear private clothes than to wear school uniforms and go to school so that we can wear clothes that suit us and show our personality.” Listening to the stories of Georgian people, I thought that the idea of putting out your own personality in clothes was lively.

We also asked about “the words you cherish and your motto” that we want to reach out to people all over the world at HIP HOPE. In Japan, the question “What is your ZAYUNOMEI? is often seen”. But we were always thinking about how to ask that question to foreigners of different cultures. It was beneficial to know the paraphrase that made me surprised when we asked everyone in Georgia.

I’m very impressed to be able to have a conversation with everyone in Georgia over the screen using the Internet, and at the same time, I’d like to meet face to face someday ~