#004 Domestic Forum: Rehearsal and Forum

Hello! I’m Rin, and I’m in charge of this diary!
I’m going to write about HIP HOPE Executive Committee organized the domestic forum in March.

On March 13, we had a rehearsal for the event. Main operation was based at Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School, however due to Covid-19, we had to operate separately and gathered at each school to check online the flow of the day’s activities and presentations. Iori@Tech Team, who was in charge of trouble-shooting and management on the day of the event, said “We made so many mistakes when we started the event. I wished we had a trouble-shooter for the whole thing. Also we often have free time in daily life, and I thought it would be best to have something to do when we did have extra time.” The rehearsal gave us a clear idea of what we need to do for the next two weeks.

On March 27th, the Domestic Forum was held. Miwa, Project Manager Team member, did great MC, the forum was held successfully. In the morning session, research projects were shown, and in the afternoon, selected the presentations from PPF (Peace Pathfinders), after school programs were shown. We, HIP HOPE members, shared various roles, such as setting up the webinar room, moderating, timekeeping, and taking minutes. PHC were facilitators, and PPF were presenters. It was a day when the three projects became one towards peace. Miwa, main MC of this forum, told me, “This was my first time moderating a forum using zoom. When I was sharing slides, I couldn’t see the faces of the people I was speaking with, so I sometimes spoke too fast and felt anxious about whether they could understand me. But I was happy to have succeeded. I was happy to have succeeded.”

The next step after the domestic forum is the International Conference in July. With the experience gained from this domestic forum, we’re off and running again!