#008 Submission Complete!!

Hello everyone! Today’s writer is Kanon on the Project Manager team!

Today, I submitted all contents to be posted on HIP HOPE Website! This was such tough work!!!!!! We worked on a “site map” created by the Content team.

The task of the Project Manager team was to combine slides made by the Content team and illustrations designed by the Design team. This enables us to check how they look like on the website. Well, there were so many problems that I can’t list here all. Naming one such incident, not listing on Site map, I found out we needed to additional slides! On the day before the submission date, members were connecting Google Meet, together we checked site map and slides match or not, then modified if necessary, and this helped to improve qualities of the content of the submission.

Due to Covid-19, we’ve been working online for a long time. I often thought, “You can’t really know what others are thinking for real when things are online. I’d rather like to meet people face to face and have a discussion. ” But as you imagine, that was not possible. So we ended up doing such complicated collaboration work online, then realized that we were doing many things and to overcome difficulties on online work, and utilized them!

One night, almost 10 of us started to work together online. Sometimes four members work onto the same slide to modify design, paragraphs, and fonts. Due to the time limit, we had to work very hard to make a deadline. Collaboration on a PC screen connected all of us together as we watched slides, hearing voices of members, and changes were made on screen here and there all concurrently. One person checking, others working, it was such an intense moment. All the work was finished at 23:54, just before the date changed. It gave me a chill that we all go to different high schools, and did not even know most of the members a half year ago. Yet we were all here to make new Website for high schools students around the world. It became a shared goal and we actually enjoyed it despite the time we had to spend on the project. The total number of slides was more than 80, which was more than I had imagined. The moment I said, “I’m done!” The sense of accomplishment hit me so big! I’m sure I’ll never forget it!

Everyone’s solidarity has increased, and I’m glad I participated in WWL at that time. Also, I’m so happy that I’m a member of the Project Manager team! We’re so proud of ourselves for being able to do this online! And I’m looking forward to the completion of HIP HOPE!