#009 Checking Japanese content in plenary sessions!

This time, Mizu is in charge of the diary!

On May 1st, we had an online plenary meeting where coordinators of NPO Pangaea pointed out not enough points and mistakes in the contents that were submitted on April 28th. Although everyone worked hard to submit the contents, there was some duplicate information in the contents on different pages, and the way to describe the program name was not unified. I felt that it was essential to check the contents such as today because we share all work of writing it.

After the confirmation, we thought of a HIP HOPE pose to be used at the International Conference for High School Students and when receiving messages of support. It was interesting to see how many unique poses they came up with, such as using their hands to represent the “H” in HIP HOPE, express a pigeon of a symbol of peace, or using “hope” as a sign language. We couldn’t decide on a pose this time, so we’re hoping to decide on a great one next time!

In the afternoon, we had a breakout session where we checked the progress of our work with the other teams and what we need to do. I am on the contents team, but this time I worked with the project management team. We’ve been writing the contents in Japanese, and now we’re going to start translating them into English. So today, we decided who would be in charge of translating each content into English, and worked on fixing the parts that were pointed out in the morning. With school tests and content submission deadlines coming up, I’m sure we’ll be busy again soon ^^;

In today’s plenary session, they reported on the release date of the website! It’s almost time for us to meet everyone in the world. We’ll do our best!