#010 School members of Kure Mitsuta High School

Hello! I’m Rin, and I’m in charge of this diary!

We, the HIP HOPE Executive Committee consists of Exchange members and School members. The planning of the “FLY, Future Letters from Youths” in HIP HOPE was produced by eight School members from Hiroshima Prefectural Kure Mitsuta High School. We were able to complete the content and design through discussions during break time at school and online meetings. This time we asked the members involved in the planning of “FLY” what they thought!

Sumi- was in charge of the content of this project. She told me,” I wrote an explanation of paper cranes and our new project, “FLY”. Also,I took a part as a member of deciding the details of “FLY”. From these experiences, I felt thinking about peace is not enough, but also how to advocate the importance of Peace. These are very stimulating and interesting for me. Please keep expecting and enjoying “FLY”!! “.

Also, Suzuha was in charge of designing the paper cranes and trees. She said “I think it was a good opportunity for me to get involved with my classmates and seniors, with whom I have not talked much. I also felt the difficulty of getting all the members to imagine the same thing and give it shape as we proceeded with our activities. I was able to design something that I have not had much experience with the help of the other members. It was a very good experience for me.”

I think the “FLY “project gave us a chance to think about peace and take action. I would be happy if many people think about peace through this project! Why don’t you send your thoughts for Peace on paper cranes?