#011 Character productions

My name is Misaki and I’m going to talk about characters of HIP HOPE !

I designed and created illustrations of boys and girls from various countries. They can be found in HIP HOPE website and flyers. Since around January 2021, I have designed about 10 characters. I think they came out to be quite cute and cool characters with a unique personality.

This is the first character which I designed. Actually, this character is my favorite. There are three things I tried to keep when designing HIP HOPE characters. The first, I drew faces with a simple and friendly character. The second, I tried to draw them in religious dress so that everyone could get awareness of the diversity. An Indian girl wears colorful clothes, and she wears niqab. The third thing is how they look like high school students.

I had a chance to discuss with high school students in Georgia and Kenya as we held a development meeting online. I showed them drawings I prepared, and asked their opinion. I asked questions such as what high school students in other countries wear and about their hairstyles. It was very interesting to hear that Kenyan high school students like to have blaze hair. I also looked at photos on the Internet to learn their culuture. I like to continue to design more characters and increase the number of characters. I hope this will increase the number of people who are interested in the HIP HOPE website! Please look for the characters on the website and in the flyers!