#012 Kokutaiji High School members

Hello! I’m mayu. I would like to tell you about Kokutaiji High school members.

Kokutaiji High School is the base school of WWL. At Kokutaiji High School, there are about 20 school members in the junior and senior class. Three of them are working as exchange members in this HIP HOPE executive committee! And since May, three new members have joined us.

Here, we will introduce the activities of Kokutaiji members so far! As a big task, we are in charge of one of website contents. It is a dynamic content called, Bird of peace where you can post your illustration or photos of the “dove,” or whatever your Bird of peace is. We decided the contents, the title, the logo design, the placement, etc. Being active high school students, we have other things to do like club activities and examinations. So, it was quite tough to find enough times to have a discussion. However, we manage to hold meetings using Google form and Zoom. Each member is highly motivated and conscious as a member of HIP HOPE.

From June, new members from sophomore will join the activity. Kokutaiji school members will also work to improve the activities of the HIP HOPE executive committee!