HIP HOPE Terms of Use

HIP HOPE Terms of Use


These terms of use establish rules and policy in HIP HOPE and are administered by the managers of HIP HOPE.

Chapter 1 (Activity Philosophy)

Our activity philosophy is as follows (1) to (3) below.
(1) We aim for a world where international peace is realized.
(2) We will make an opinion on international peace as high school students of Peace City Hiroshima, and aim to contribute to the realization of international peace.
(3) We aim to establish and provide places that can learn about international peace and people around the world, and to establish activities for international peace.

HIP HOPE can be used only for those who agree with the activity philosophy.

Chapter 2 (Purpose of Use of HIP HOPE)

We use HIP HOPE for the purposes of the following (1) to (6) below.
(1) The purpose of making a place where high school students can learn about international peace and create a place where you can interact with high school students and opinions around the world through their content
(2) Purpose to provide opportunities for people around the world to know new ideas about international peace
(3) Purpose to provide opportunities that people around the world can send their own opinions about international peace
(4) Purpose to connect Hiroshima and high school students in the world, and build a place to work for international peace realization
(5) The purpose of visualizing and communicating opinions from high school students about international peace
(6) Purpose to introduce the announcement of events we do and the activities

Chapter 3 (Application of the Terms)

The application of the Terms is as follows (1) to (4) below.
(1) The Terms Country shall apply to any relationship involved in the use of HIP HOPE between users and us.
(2) We may set various rules, such as rules for use in addition to this Agreement, with HIP HOPE.
(3) These individual regulations shall constitute part of this term regardless of its name.
(4) If the provisions of the Terms are inconsistent with the provisions of the individual provisions of the preceding regulations, unless otherwise specified in the individual regulations, the provisions of individual regulations will be prioritized.

Chapter 4 (Prohibited matters)

The prohibitions on HIP HOPE are determined as in (1) to (17).
Users should not do this in HIP HOPE. If this prohibited matter is made, it may delete the appropriate post and take legal action.
(1) Act that violates law or public order and morals
(2) Acts related to criminal acts
(3) The contents of HIP HOPE, such as HIP HOPE, the act of infringing the right of trademark, trademark and other intellectual property rights
(4) Action that destroys or interferes with other users, or other third party servers or network functions
(5) Acts that may interfere with HIP HOPE operation
(6) Action of collecting or storing personal information about other users
(7) Posting and acts that may promote self-harm
(8) Acts that give disadvantages, damage, and discomfort to other users or other third parties on HIP HOPE
(9) Action of impersonating other users
(10) We do not grant advertising, advertising, solicitation, or business act on HIP HOPE (11) Acts for the purpose of encounter
(12) Act that benefits directly or indirect against antisocial forces in connection with HIP HOPE
(13) Family slander against specific individuals and groups
(14) Discriminative posting to specific religions and culture
(15) Discriminant posting by sex
(16) Providing inaccurate information
(17) Any other actions that we determine inappropriate

Chapter 5 (Discontinuance of offer of HIP HOPE, etc.)

If we determine that the following (1) to (4) is the case, you can stop or interrupt all or part
of HIP HOPE without prior notice.will do.
(1) When performing maintenance or update of computer system related to HIP HOPE
(2) When HIP HOPE is difficult to provide HIP HOPE due to earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, blackouts or natural disasters
(3) When a computer or communication line is stopped due to an accident
(4) Other if we judged that we have difficulty providing HIP HOPE

We do not take any responsibility for the suspension or interruption of HIP HOPE offering any disadvantages or damage that the user or third party is covered.

Chapter 6 (Use restriction)

If the user corresponds to any of the following (1) to (3), restrict all or some of HIP HOPE or some of the HIP HOPE without prior notice It shall be possible.
(1) When violating any of these terms
(2) If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration item
(3) Other cases where we judged that we are not appropriate for the use of HIP HOPE

Based on this section We do not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user by the act we performed

Chapter 7 (Guarantee Janagement and Disclaimer)
  1. We are virtually legally or legal defects (safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, efficacy, accuracy, fitness, security etc, security, bugs, rights, etc. It does not explicitly guarantee that there is no infringement etc.).
  2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the user due to HIP HOPE.
  3. We damage from special circumstances among the damage caused by the user due to our negligence failure or illegal acts, including the special circumstances (including the case or foreseeable or predicted for damage we will not be responsible for any).
  4. We are not responsible for HIP HOPE, trading, contact, etc. arising between users and other users or third parties.
Chapter 8 (Change of contents)

We can change the contents of HIP HOPE or cancel HIP HOPE content without notifying the user, and this will not be responsible for any damage caused by the user.

Chapter 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

We shall be properly handled according to the “Privacy Policy” to be determined separately for personal information acquired by the use of HIP HOPE.

Chapter10 (Copyright)

The copyright is determined as (1) to (9) below.
(1) The content they disseminate on HIP HOPE has copyright and prohibits the act of infringing content copyright on HIP HOPE without permission.
(2) Apply a creative community license (https://creativecommons.org/) for the purpose of promoting proper reuse of work.
(3) Users who post content on HIP HOPE (hereinafter referred to as “post user”) will prohibit the act of infringing the copyright of others in the content to be posted in the content to be posted.
(4) Post Users will post the specified creative Commons license “View-inheritance” (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.ja).
(5) The content posted may be used for our activities promoting and advertising.
(6) Posted by the content The content posted by the user has copyright and prohibits the act of infringing the copyright of the posted content. (7) We will respond to reported copyright issues based on copyright law.
(8) We may delete and display the content of suspected copyright and display restrictions, and legal measures.
(9) Users can report copyright infringement about suspected content that is infringing copyright.

Chapter 11 (Notice or Contact)

Notifications or contacts between users and us will be done by our way.

Chapter 12 (Prohibition of transfer of rights duty)

Users prohibit the right or obligation based on this Agreement without our prior consent, or to provide them to collateral.

Chapter 13 (Change of the Terms)

We shall be able to change the terms at any time without notifying the user if it is determined. If you start using HIP HOPE after changing these terms, the user assumes that the terms after change.

Chapter 14 (General)

The Terms Country is based on Japanese law.

Chapter 15 (Application start date)

HIP HOPE Terms of Use applies from June 25, 2021.