To foster innovative global human resources for the future, this is a lead project for promoting high school education reforms enabling students to study both the humanities and the sciences and for furthering high school/university articulation reforms.

The project builds mechanisms for providing advanced education to high school students through collaboration between high schools and domestic and overseas universities, companies, international organizations, etc.  And it develops a curriculum for researching global social issues and holds international conferences for high school students related to their research topics.  This project also develops and implements programs and curriculum for high school students that enable them to take advanced and diverse courses that fit their individual interests, concerns, and specialties, as well as allows high school students to receive credits for taking university-level courses in advance of their university education.

What is HIP HOPE (Hiroshima International Peace for HOPE)?

HIP HOPE is a website hiphope.jp and an international conference to be held in July for HIROSHIMA high school students to explore and communicate about peace.  As part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s project to support the construction of a World Wide Learning (WWL) consortium, high school students in Hiroshima Prefecture are involved in WWL activities, which include in-school integrated learning, the Student Executive Committee (SEC) at WWL-active schools in the prefecture, the Program of Inquiry (PPC), and advanced communication (PHC).   WWL is divided into three groups: the Student Executive Committee (SEC), the Program of Inquiry (PPC), and the Program of High-Level Communication (PHC). Why don’t you share your passion for peace with high school students around the world through HIP HOPE?

【List of Active Schools 】

  • Base School: Hiroshima Kokutaiji High School
  • Partner Schools: Hiroshima High School, Saijyo Agricultural High School, Fukuyama Seishikan High School, Kure Mitsuta High School, Hiroshima University High School, Fukuyama.
  • 【References】

    About Worldwide Learning Consortium | WWL(ワールド・ワイド・ラーニング)コンソーシアム構築支援事業