PHC, which stands for “PEACE HYPER COMMUNICATION,” is a group of students who learn how to facilitate discussions and practice them with people from various cultural backgrounds. We are interested in peace and intercultural communication. 

We discuss international topics such as refugees, energy problems and so on in English or Japanese several times a month.  We hope to lead discussions successfully at conferences where people with various cultural backgrounds participate, like HIP HOPE Conference, which will be held online on July 28th, 2021.  To make smooth progress in discussions, we try to think critically about multiple issues in Japan and foreign countries from various points of view and to have our own opinions about them.  In addition, we are trying to expand our English vocabulary and learn phrases often used in a discussion. 

Our future goal is to be facilitators who can encourage people from different countries to have constructive discussion.  We want to contribute to making a peaceful world, where those from diverse backgrounds can understand each other through dialogue.